Estwatch / Meist / Rahastus / ACF support to study grocery shop’s supply chains


Project’s name: Responsible dining table: supporting human rights and mitigating climate change in food stores’ supply chain

Context: Estonian food retailers’ supplying practices and citizens’ purchasing decisions impact the human rights of vulnerable populations at the beginning of the supply chains, the environment and climate change. Estonian food retailers, however, largely ignore such sustainability risks, an issue reinforced by lacking societal awareness and insufficient transparency of companies’ internal operations.

Project’s goal: The project aims to promote the support of the Estonian society for
human rights, equal treatment and environmental protection by enhancing
the sustainability of food retailers’ supply chains. To achieve this,
Estwatch will conduct two studies on the responsibility of food
retailers’ supply chains and, together with NGO Mondo, raise citizens’
awareness and involvement in responsible consumption, empower civil
society to protect human rights and environment more effectively, and
guide companies to be more responsible via dialogue and public pressure.

Amount: EUR 49 027,48

Funding period: 04/2021-12/2022

Funder: Active Citizens Fund (ACF) – the governments of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway

Output and results


Call-to-action tool to citizens

Results have been presented to many stakeholders, including
  • Food Network of the civil society in Estonia.
  • Retailers-producers-merchants join seminar “Kuidas edasi?”
  • Ministry of Rural Affairs in Estonia.
Outputs and impact
  • The results and impact of the study and the work of Estwatch in the area of food is planned to be assessed within one year after publishing the study.