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Responsible Finance

Money and investments have the power to define priorities that the society follows in its development. It is therefore critical that financial institutions consider environmental and social well-being in their investment and financing decisions. Estwatch aims to make the financial system more responsible. 

In the financial sector, Estwatch

Studies how Estonian financial institutions consider social and environmental risks and impacts in their processes.

Engages with relevant stakeholders to contribute to making the financial sector more responsible. 

Raises awareness on financial institutions’ adverse social and environmental harms and risks, and mechanisms to mitigate these.

Larger projects

Study and comparison on banks' sustainability efforts

In January 2020, Estwatch published a study on how Estonian largest banks perform on different sustainability criteria in their investment and financing processes. Based on the results, an online comparison platform was published (currently only in Estonian).

Study on the role of Estonian pension funds in climate change

Estwatch's report shows that Estonian pension funds systemically invest in companies that significantly reinforce climate change and consider climate-related harms and financial risks in investment processes either partially or not at all.

Feel free to reach out to us regarding prospective cooperation proposals to make the financial sector in Estonia and on an international level more responsible: http://www.estwatch.ee/en/contact/.